Monday, 4 August 2014

Alternative Assessment 2: Status of Submission

Up to 4 August 2014, 0030h - the following have already submitted their alternative assessments:

Janice Tan Sze HuiS1-021
Kay Sandy MaungS1-022
Oon Chwen Yueh CelestS1-023
Woon Yoke XuanS1-024
christopher yong wei jieS1-025
Fyodor Lee Jun DeS1-026
Hong DominicS1-027
Javier YeoS1-028
Joel Tio Jin HonS1-029
Joshua Yew S1-0211
Justin LimS1-0212
Khoo Bo SiS1-0213
Lew JiajunS1-0214
Elgin NgS1-0218
nigel tan yee hernS1-0219
Richman Kum Cho HoweS1-0220
Owen Tee Hao WeiS1-0221
Wong KangS1-0222

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