Saturday, 15 March 2014

Food-for-Thought: Searching for a needle in a haystack

The following is reported in online Straits Times today (15 March).
Click HERE to read the report and to access the dynamic graphic to have a visual sense on the size.

MH370 has gone missing for more than 7 days and the relevant authorities have expanded the search area to locating the missing plane. Below is the visual representation to give us a sense of how difficult it is to location an object in a vast area.

Based on the information given in the article, and the 'suggested' size of the search area, are you able to estimate the chance of locating MH370 at the 'defined' search area?
Hint: You'll need to express your answer in "standard form".


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    1. Elgin:
      Try again... based on what you described, it seems like the 'plane' is very much bigger than what it is.

  2. now is finding a 1 litre bottle in a land of three sg

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    1. Jerry:
      the 'unit' of the value is in?
      maybe you could share with us what numbers did you use for the calculation?