Sunday, 12 January 2014

Homework assigned in Term 1 Week 1 (Friday)

Dear S1-02

The following were assigned to the class on Friday:
(1) 1 Handout about Space Maths was issued to all
- Planetary Conjuctions

This activity will give you a "preview" of what we will be doing in Term 1 Week 3.
Read the question carefully - Think through the strategies. It is something that you are familiar with and there are several ways to solve the problem.
Some of you have already attempted and shared how you solved the problem.
Now, think if there are more ways to solve the same problem?

(2) Homework in Maths Workbook (p2) You have been assigned to solve Question 5 (a) to (h) [selected questions] as a group. (a) Group 1 (b) Group 2 (c) Group 3 (d) Group 4 (e) Grouop 3 (f) Group 4 (g) Group 1 (h) Group 2 Afterwhich, post your answers up in the blog.

In this exercise, you will apply what we discussed on Friday (Prime Factorisation) and apply this to find the square root and cube root of a number in a systematic manner.
[Hint: Check the resources you have]
This will be the first topic we discuss when we meet again on Monday (20 Jan).
Post title: Square Root & Cube Root (by Group...)

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